Using Dynare to solve, simulate and estimate dynamic general equilibrium models

Example files


by Matteo Iacoviello

LAST UPDATED: Thursday, 17 September, 2009


Most of the codes below are written for the course EC861: Monetary Theory and Policy that I teach at Boston College.


To run any of these codes you need to be familiar with the DYNARE package. Most of these codes implement models I present in my course at BC. If you want a copy of these lecture notes, please send me an email.


Below are the Dynare programs:


1) Basic Example to figure out how Dynare computes the Likelihood of a model given parameters



2) Basic Real business cycle model with no capital depreciation and exogenous labor supply.



3) Real business cycle model with equity and bonds and exogenous labor, useful to study the equity premium



4) Toy model for MLE of a simple new-keynesian model



5) Writing the one-sector neoclassical growth model as a two-sector model

(based on Chapter 7 of my monetary lecture notes)




If you happen to use these files, find any bugs or want to give me comments and suggestions you can email me at, thanks!



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